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Message From Our President
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Message from the President

What’s on my to-do list today? Oh, right. Everything.

Whenever I am out of the office for a meeting or conference, I always come back to a pile of mail, voice messages, and sticky notes. While its easy to check email anywhere to answer anything pressing, the daily regular emails pile up as well. This inevitably leads to me spending a significant portion of my day playing catch up. Then, of course, there are the daily tasks to complete as well. Suddenly your day is gone and its time to go home and crash.

Unfortunately, it’s so easy to get caught up in the daily “grind” that your conference notes, everything you learned, and all those new ideas you want to try; all get put in a pile at the end of your desk for later. When is later? The tasks, messages, and reports are never ending. Getting bogged down in the day to day will have you running your office efficiently but it will be stagnant. When new ideas aren’t implemented and change never happens, a practice cannot keep up with its competitors. Healthcare is ever changing and we have to stay informed and be willing to lead our offices for success. We need to use that energy and enthusiasm we gained at a meeting or conference when we are back in the office.

Every Monday, I make a to-do list for the week on a wipe board by my computer. I want to make sure nothing important slips through (and I love crossing items off of lists ). However, it is a wipe board because everyday something unpredictable will happen. An HR issue will crop up, a computer will crash, or a patient needs extra attention. I also have empty space each day to work on projects. These projects often stem from my time out of the office. At meetings I learn the latest changes, network with peers talking about each others’ office cultures and issues, and brainstorm together. This time is invaluable to a practice manager.

At our June meeting, we are bringing local legislators for a panel discussion on the healthcare related topics from the latest Missouri Legislative Session which ends May 18. Both the Senator and Representative sit on healthcare committees whose legislation affects us directly. Attending this session is very important no matter if you are running a single specialty practice or are at a large hospital complex. Any changes at the state level have a direct impact on the local healthcare community.

I usually write my President’s Note, submitting it with a satisfied check off my list. This article I plan to print and post directly under my wipe board. I think we all need that daily reminder to not just be good managers but to be great leaders of our practices.

Barbara Faupel, MA, CMPE
President, MGMA of Greater St. Louis



MGMA of Greater St. Louis
PO Box 16012, St. Louis, MO 63105