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Message From Our President
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“Resistance Is Futile…You Must Comply”

The healthcare field is filled with a growing and never-ending list of compliance issues. Every single MGMA Body of Knowledge section has its own list of regulations that practices must follow. Every day practice managers have to make sure they comply with all the regulations set forth by multiple governing agencies. Staying on top of it all can not only feel overwhelming, but also can make us feel like we continue to spit out more and more data like we are machines instead of practice managers.

Attempting to resist healthcare compliance reminds me of dystopian and science fiction works where creativity and individualism has been eliminated.  In Star Trek, an enemy of Starfleet, the Borg, are cybernetic organisms linked in a hive mind, called “The Collective.” There is no individual thought, freedom, or self-determination in The Collective. They spread across the galaxies assimilating more species and destroying those who resist. Similarly, in Ayn Rand’s “Anthem,” the reader follows a young man in a dystopian future society where there is no individual thought. Plural pronouns are used for all and any technological progress must be made as a whole, no research or discovery on ones own.

How do practices stand out from the competition when more alphabet agencies want everything the same? How do practice managers keep themselves from being overwhelmed by the system? How do we stop patients from becoming just numbers on a spreadsheet? My best answer will always be your colleagues you meet in organizations like MGMA. By sticking together and working through problems as a group with individual ideas, we win. Every day, we worry about meeting HIPAA, OSHA, and MIPS standards, along with anything else the OIG, the DEA, HSS, etc. regulates. Brainstorming ideas, asking questions of mentors, attending live educational sessions, and reading up-to-date list servs and journals are all available to MGMA members at the local, state, and national level.

Taking advantage of everything MGMA has to offer is a practice manager’s best bet to not only keep their head above water, but to stand out from the crowd. Our education committee specifically looks at what is on the horizon next when planning what speakers to bring and what topics they will present to members. Up-to-date important topics include our annual February Medicare meeting, the June Government Legislative Update, and our Annual Conference for practice managers and their billers. 2019 will continue Greater St. Louis MGMA’s commit to our mission: “Access, Education, & Networking: A Better You…A Best Practice.”

Barbara Faupel, MA, CMPE
President, Greater St. Louis MGMA 



Greater St. Louis MGMA
PO Box 16012, St. Louis, MO 63105