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Message From Our President
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     It’s hard to believe that it is already MAY! For me personally, the year has been going by very quickly. Maybe it’s because I am working on moving my entire practice to a new location in a couple of months, maybe it’s because as I get older, I feel like time flies faster; who knows.  Anyway, needless to say we are fully into spring, which is a great time of year for healthcare.

     Why is it a great time for healthcare? In my opinion, it’s because everyone starts to feel better and more energetic. Now, with all of the rain recently, it hasn’t been the sunniest or warmest it has ever been, but overall, people seem to be in better moods when they get a little sunshine and fresh air. I felt great playing golf with President-Elect Derrick Weisbrod at the HFMA golf tournament last week simply because I got to go outside and enjoy the sun and have a little fun. My staff members are commenting about how they are able to go out for walks at lunchtime to get some fresh air. Our patients are in better moods and some say their joints feel better and they aren’t flaring as much. This may only be true for some specialties because I’m sure spring is a little different for Allergy patients (sorry Barbara) than it is for other specialties. Point of the story is that if you are seeing your staff or patients in better moods take it and run. I hear more laughing and positive comments this time of year than I do any other time of year.

     I challenge you to embrace the sunshine and fresh air before we hit the holy humidity of July. Encourage your staff to take a walk at lunch or you yourself take one to destress and collect yourself. Laugh with your staff and your patients; remember why we do what we do. The three main goals of my job are: 1) Make sure the practice is taking care of the patients and making them feel important; 2) Make sure my staff is happy so that they can accomplish #1; 3) Make sure my docs and PAs are happy so that they can accomplish #1 and #2. Not every day is a cakewalk filled with rainbows, but overall a happy clinic is a successful clinic.

     This coming weekend is the Walk to End Lupus Now. This is a great way to get out and enjoy the sun and fresh air. I encourage anyone that is willing to participate, please sign up and join the Greater St. Louis MGMA team. Click the link below and choose the join a team tab to join our team. I hope to see some of you there.


Greg Thompson, MBA
President, Greater St. Louis MGMA 


Greater St. Louis MGMA
PO Box 16012, St. Louis, MO 63105