With our busy lives, we often develop friendships with those we do business with. In fact, some of my most trusted friends have been business associates of mine at one time or another. Relationships are what bring us together in Greater St. Louis MGMA, and what makes it that much more rewarding and fun. Look around a luncheon and notice the hugs, and not just handshakes. . .   

We need your help! Do you have business friends that would like to become involved in MGMA that would additional resources and support to those in medical practice management? Is there a dynamic vendor who is eager to do business with you that contacts you frequently and is looking for more opportunities? As Business Partners, we provide resources, education and support to medical practice managers seeking to navigate the complexities of health care.  

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Diane Robben, Shareholder, Sandberg, Phoenix & Von Gontard, P.C.
VP - Business Partners, Greater St. Louis MGMA







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