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There are two things blatantly obvious about me – 1. I love high heels and 2. I value those I consider friends in my life!  I would unarguably state that the right shoes can really add elegance to any outfit and the person who is wearing them.  I would also unarguably say that to not only perform, but excel in our roles and Practice Managers and Administrators we need to recognize when others can be a valuable resource for us to succeed.  One of the most valuable benefits of membership with MGMA of Greater St. Louis is the opportunity to establish relationships with industry experts in the various areas of products and services required for the operation and management of today's successful medical practices. Within the MGMA of Greater St. Louis we refer to such experts as Business Partners.  One of goals within our local chapter is to cultivate an environment in which Practice Manager Members and Business Partner Members foster relationships over time.  During this ‘courting’ period both parties get to know the other with respect to the particular needs of individual medical practices and the particular resources of these Business Partners.

Becky York, MGMA of Greater St. Louis President-Elect

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