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Those who know me well; know that I love clothes, shoes and anything and everything related to fashion so what I am about to tell you next should probably be no surprise to anyone – I have too many clothes and shoes!  As I am running around the house this weekend, trying to get things packed and ready for my daughter to return to college my entire shelving system in my closet broke… literally came crashing down.  My son ever so calmly states, “You have too many clothes Ma”. As frustrating as this was as I was already trying to accomplish everything that need to be completed this weekend it made me think, “How much extra baggage are we all holding onto each day in our professional roles?”

In our roles as Practice Administrators and Managers we serve as financial advisors, HR generalists, strategic planners, IT support, therapists and at times babysitters.  However, are there duties or tasks, which we keep putting off or letting pile up until they all come crashing down?  As healthcare executives we all have a number of demands placed on us daily.  In the article are five tips to help us be more effective and efficient in our roles and not have our systems we have in place come crashing down.

Becky York, MGMA of Greater St. Louis President-Elect

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